About Us


Here at Strong Point Financial, we combine our knowledge of insurance options and investment products with your specific needs in mind. This way we can assure to provide you with the service you deserve.

At Strong Point Financial, our standing goal has always been helping people retire happy! We’re a boutique, family-run firm that offers the same services of Wall Street giants, but with personalized, Main Street service. We feel privileged to help our customers design retirement income plans, optimize their Social Security benefits, invest in their retirement, plan college funding and much more. How can we help you?


Why Strong Point

At Strong Point, we take a confident, not fearful, approach to retirement. These should be the best years of your life, where you “work your plan” so you don’t have to “plan your work!” In a nutshell, our mission is to show you how to scale back on the things you’ve HAD to do: like saving money, working late and taking risk, and enter a new era of doing the things you WANT to do: like spending money, relaxing and creating financial security. To do this, we specialize in the retirement transition phase of life. Our favorite clients are those that come in thinking they have to work for several more years, and then we show them how they can turn in their notice the next week! It may be that you’ve already crossed the career finish line and yet you’re still running needlessly! Or perhaps you’d just like to know where the finish line is so that you can run hard and finish well. That’s the life-changing information that we provide. As an independent financial fiduciary, we have the same tools at our fingertips as a colossal brokerage firm, but provide “boutique” client service and experience, with an unswerving commitment to doing what’s in your best interest.
You may have grown your wealth with someone else, but now it’s time for a retirement advisor to help you navigate a new era. Come and talk to us and see for yourself!

Your team

This process takes time and effort to complete, but our clients are worth the effort! With hundreds of companies to pick from, we can find that perfect fit. Creating your tailor made package is our goal, regardless of your history.

Your team will :

  • Take the time to understand your needs and priorities.
  • Help educate you on types of options best suited to you.
  • Shop a multitude of companies to find the best fit.
  • Narrow the selection to the top two or three options and negotiate pricing and terms on your behalf.

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